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Find out what Jennafer’s clients have to say about their animal reading experiences!

Molly of Dallas, Texas

Molly of Dallas, Texas

We reached out to Jennafer for a reading for our dog, Molly. We had adopted her a few months prior, but she still seemed disengaged with us, and we were having a hard time with her. We weren’t sure if she was happy and questioned whether we were the best fit. Without prior knowledge, Jennafer accurately described Molly’s past living situation (verified by the rescue organization to whom she was surrendered) and could describe daily life in our home from Molly’s point of view. She gave Molly a voice, and Jennafer was kind and honest, and compassionate, in giving us her messages. Jennafer offered incredible insight into Molly’s personality and behavior that really helped guide us in our interaction with her and how we approached training methods. She even alerted us to a brewing kidney infection that Molly was coming down with, that sure enough was confirmed by the vet and we were able to nip in the bud quickly! Everything Jennafer said made complete sense, and a few months later, now, we have a pup that is very much part of our family. We couldn’t be more thankful for Jennafer’s reading! – Nicole Weissner, Dallas, Texas

Judy and Princess

After my reading with Jennafer, I got a warm welcome home from my cats, Judy and Princess. They were so happy to see me and were way more affectionate than usual. Princess almost crawled into my lap, and Judy was so vocal, following me from room to room. I think they think I now understand their roles in my life. -Lynn, Wyoming



Creature, from St. George, Utah

Our dog, Creature, was a Mexican Hairless mix whom we adopted in 2011 and who passed away from lymphoma in 2013. As part of her “bucket list” before she died, we took Creature for a reading with Jennafer, who told us that Creature was having trouble getting comfortable at night (which we knew and had not mentioned to anyone), and that Creature was having a lot of trouble with her digestive system. She also told us where Creature was having some pain issues. She answered all of our questions that we had about Creature. Things like: Does she feel offended or sad when people make rude comments about her, or were her feelings hurt about the “Ugly Dog” contests that she has attended? And I am happy to report that Creature has not been offended by any of this. We found out that she feels very “noble”. And she feels like she helps people. She know’s that she is different and special, and she is happy to let everyone pet her and ask questions about her. And as long as she is not too tired, she likes the attention. Creature’s laid back personality came through in this reading. She didn’t have any complaints and other than a few of her pain issues, and other than that she has been very happy. –Kelli Stokes, St. George, Utah

Ruby and Stella of Los Angeles, California

Ruby and Stella of Los Angeles, California

I had the most amazing reading with Jennafer all about my cats, Ruby and Stella. I learned so much about them–so many things that Jennafer could’ve never known, as she has never seen them or met them. I now better understand how to communicate with them and to help Ruby feel a little less scared when strangers come over. I learned very helpful things that will really strengthen my relationship with my girls. Best of all, I learned that they love their home and are happy with what we are feeding them! -Lisa Bagley-Heger, Los Angeles, California

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