Pet Readings

Jennafer MartinPet psychic Jennafer Martin offers private and

event appointments for

*intuitive readings for animals

*energy work for animals

*medium readings for animals

A phone or in-person reading with Jennafer can help answer many questions you may have, including
  • What does my pet think of his/her home, owner, other pets, family members?
  • What can I do to make my pet feel more comfortable or at home?
  • Why does my pet seem anxious, jealous or bored?
  • Does my pet have any unmet needs?
  • How can I better connect to my pet?
  • Is my pet experiencing discomfort that may require medical attention?

See Jennafer doing a reading for the dog of Rewind 100.7’s Todd and Erin below:

How to Book an appointment with Jennafer:

  1. Pay for your session in advance (clicking on the accompanying paypal button)
  2. Once you’ve paid you’ll receive an email from Jennafer with details of next steps.
  3. Jennafer will contact you at the email or phone number you provide at the pre-determined time for the reading. 
In-person pet readings $75
An in-person pet psychic reading with Jennafer can help you better understand your pet’s thoughts and emotions as well as his/her puzzling behavior. It can also fill in the blanks of your rescued pet’s past. In-person appointments help pets feel relaxed in their home environment. They last up to a half hour and are only available to those in Salt Lake county, Utah. Additional fees will apply for in-person readings outside of that area.
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Remote pet readings $50
A reading with Jennafer can connect you to pets that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge as well as give you answers about your rescued pet’s past and his current feelings and behavior. Readings are available in real time via Skype so your pet can be relaxed in his/her home. A phone reading entails sending a photo to and then talking to Jennafer about your questions via phone, while an email reading means sending 3-5 questions about your pet along with the photo, and she’ll reply within 72 hours via email. 
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Event Readings
Jennafer is available for readings at events for an hourly rate paid by the
host/venue or for a reduced individual reading rate paid your guests.
Email her at for current rates.